Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 3 and tired feet.

Day three... oh wait forgot to mention...

So somehow I forgot to mention on the flight over that I got in trouble apparently my wireless mouse is considered a hazard so i shouldn't be using it that I was using it all night and most of the flight no one mentioned it until I was putting the damned thing away just makes me giggle. Its not like I hid that I was using it.  Because I didn't know I couldn't LOL

Okay so today we decided to venture out on the Dublin city bus system which honestly doesn't seem to have any direct stops to anywhere except to go in a circle. So we made a few stops, walked to the next stop and waited. We ended up waiting for about 10 minutes in the Central hub of buses about 15 bus stops all up one street. The buses just before our stop was not in service so we just hoped that the bus when it came would see us waving like loons to stop. About a minute before our bus was due to arrive the "out of service" bus pulled up two feet and asked us if we were waiting for his number. Why yes we were. really would have throught he could have told us that 10 minutes before, he had after all waved at us and been standing there the whole time. FUNNY JOKE

So we headed out to the Kilmainham Gaol Jail. To which our bus driver kindly said for us to behave ourselves so he didn't have to come out and get us. NICE to see he knew us for ten minutes and had our number already.

View from the peep hole into a cell

Kilmainham is a must see if you are in Dublin but I have to say its about as depressing and dank a place as you could hope.  It we definitely got the feeling for what it must have been like and it was a great history lesson. Well worth the trip and time.

Back on the bus and another adventure of us having NO idea where we are going. But heck we got where we needed to be. With a little help from the bus driver. Found a cool craft fair and a few restaurants we have been looking for. And then ate lunch at Leo Burdocks. YES DAD I ate fish and no dad I still don't like it but when in Dublin...  As Dawn and I aren't fish and chips experts it was a little too greasy for our liking, we are glad we split an order.

Just as we were crossing the street to head to Dublin Castle our friendly bus driver from the morning pulls up in his double decker and yells out the window "Glad to see you two made it back"  Guess we made an impression.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle had one of the best tour guilds I have ever listened too, funny, friendly and he knew his stuff right down to little stories behind ever portrait in the castle. Glad we did the the jail in the morning it added to the history we learned that afternoon. And made it more relevant some how. Tour took longer then expected but didn't really notice as the guide was that good, we got to see the excavation going on below the castle. Very cool indeed. In fact it was grande.

Ran from the castle over to St Patricks to get there for the last tour. Got there just in time to find out they were closed to the public today due to the appointment of the dean to St Patricks that did explain the hundred or so priests we saw on the road coming from St Patricks. But the gardens were lovely and we watched children chase birds.

St Patricks Cathedral

Had dinner at the famous Potterhouse brewing company. Listen to a great band play Irish music before heading back to the hotel via 20 blocks out of our way by the famine memorial and the river. 

Early day tomorrow so we are heading to bed like two fuddy duddies. TEE HEE


  1. Did I see some Dutch tulips in that Irish garden??? Glad you're sharing your experiences Elly, love to read them! Wishing you another GRAND day tomorrow!

  2. Elly, so glad you have this opportunity! I love your posts!