Friday, March 30, 2012


Day 2.5

Okay I guess we should talk about the first few days now that I have a clear head.

We started at the airport breaking 3 count them 3 ticket machines. Yes that sounds like a normal vacation for us. At Dinner before boarding Dawn opened her purse and out came the flying tampon. Best she didn't realize it had flown out of her purse for a good 5 minutes so it laid there in the center of the table. Just happy it flew forward and not side wise to the man beside us though he did keep looking at it.

Code red on the plane with a call for all doctors. No idea what happened but as the woman wasn't having a baby I didn't get involved :) Had chatty Cathy next to us who complained the whole trip about the air blowing on her then about the seatbelt sign. Thank you Marty for the noise cancelling head sets although she would just poke me when she felt I needed to hear her complain.

Heathrow was a mess. I did get to yell VIVA JOSE twice though. We had 1 hour to get to our connecting flight...seems like a lot of time to me except I think our connecting flight was in the connecting city. We had to go through four check points take two buses and had a quick lesson on what is a liquid.  By the way Mousse is a liquid.  After spending five minutes behind a couple taking up the whole walk way  and knowing we had five minutes to catch our flight I finally pushing my way politely past the couple to a OH Thank you behind us. Which led to a mass of us running full speed to catch a flight. We get there with 2 minutes to spare to hear the announcement our plan had been delayed....DOH

Okay Dublin Day 1

Beautiful clear sunny day. Everyone out walking around. Parks are full and everyone is out. Best part of this City the second we pull out a map someone is there to ask us where we need to go :) Did the hop and go and got our bearings for the city as a whole.

On the way back stopped at the local pub OIL CAN HARRY's love it and will return several times before we leave, if for no other reason then the owner is totally perplexed and annoyed that I neither drink Guinness or eat enough.  He was so annoyed mumbling and shaking his head, we really didn't want to tell him that I was allergic to alcohol that might have pushed him over the edge. But he was sweet and friendly and the food was delicious.

Came home and crashed...BTW we have twinkling lights in our ceiling. :)

The food we brought with us to Ireland I think we are ready for the zombie apocalypse

Dublin Day 2

Later start then we hoped silly women over sleep. Imagine that. First stop was the Dublinia museum about the vikings and the Norman invading Ireland, great history. Wish the boys had been there they would have loved it. We then went to the Christ Church Cathedral, beautiful and always interesting to see that  someone would place a display of the mummified cat and mouse in the cafe area...appetizing.

Back on the hop and go and over to the Guiness storehouse.  Well worth the time even for a non drinker beside Dawn was always willing to drink my free beer for the team. Besides they have the best view of the city. Meet a new friend dressed as a leapracaun was sure he had lost a bet. Dawn discovered he was jsut getitng married.  ??? Kind of like loosing a bet his friends say.

Look really close you can see the shamrock she poured into the head.

Dinner was at The Church an amazing Church that has been converted in to a bar, restaurant and night club.

Got lost a few times, found a ten your old protector and meet some amazing people. 

All and all it was a  grande day. (as our irish waitress told us to say)


  1. Loving your posts! Glad you're having a great time. ~Kara

  2. Had to laugh so loud when I read the part Viva Jose!!!!I'm telling you flying is a Pain the B- nowadays!So happy to read you're already having a great time!

  3. Sounds so wonderful! And I could see the shamrock, since you told us to look, extremely cool!

  4. I love your travel blog! I feel like I am there instead of Illinois, where I expect to win the Megamillions.

  5. I was just impressed that you had hair product with you. Miss Tracy is rubbing off on you :)

  6. What's with all the food you brought along?? :o)