Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Because that's how we roll

The Swag Dawn bought to decorate the camera bags. :)  Because if we are going to be tourist we are going to stand out :)

Heart Shaped world because we are recycling fools
Stud Trim because Dawn is just nutty that way.
Shamrock for the trip
Strawberry because my 4 years olds kept telling me I needed to bring Strawberries.
Heart with the wings because according to Dawn I am a rebel.
and the Peace sign and the V are inside jokes *as many of you know* tee hee.

Next blog will be from the airport as I am sure something will happen or from across the pond. 

SQUEEEE can't wait.


  1. Be safe and post lots of fun pictures, videos and tales of hot leprechaun...situations...good times...fun...well, you know! Think green!

  2. Try not to get into TOO much trouble while you're there! and have fun, fun, fun!

  3. I understand when you kiss the Blarney Stone that you have to hang over the side now into a little hole or something. I need pics of that.