Monday, April 2, 2012

Short blog early start

Cool tree at Newgrange

Today we ventured beyond Dublin into the countryside to do the Mary Gibbons tour of Newgrange worth every penny this woman knew her stuff and others stuff too. These 'buildings' predate the Stonehenge and the pyramids.  Very cool, great weather.  Of course there was a slight incident where Dawn got lost in a hedge maze that only has one turn and that was out... I kid
you not.

Us just after we came out from inside the inner chamber of New Grange.

I can't possibly do it justice to explain what this site is and its significance for more information check out

From there we went to Tara, home of the pagans and the druids. Weather made it just perfect. Again for more information best leave that to the professionals

Cross on the top of the hill at Tara

After our tour we hit the National Museum of Ireland, well timed because the things we had just seen made the exhibits more interesting. We capped our day off with Afternoon Tea which was grande.  Always enjoy watching people do weird things like eating lemon curd right from ramekin with a spoon I really thought the women would be licking the sides of the glass in a second. Wonder if she thought it was lemon pudding?  But the food was all designed around the paintings in the hotel...How cool is that? Does Dawn know me or what?

Our desserts and the art work that inspired them :)

On our walk home we ran into some teenagers climbing the fence to get into the park after hours.  What the teens didn't seem to realize is that park was still open. We were of course helpful enough to tell them that the next gate was open when most were already across. TEE HEE

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