Monday, April 2, 2012

For my Kiddies :)

I promised to take the pictures they drew for me to Ireland here I am holding the pics at the Cliffs of Moyer where they filmed the Princess Bride :)

And my mermaid came along too :)

Megan And Kates

Kirby and Piper Anne


Love my pictures :)

Our Mermaid as someone passing us said those mermaids get to go so many great places.


  1. Piper Anne said, "Ms. Elly, I hope had a good time somewhere far away. I really miss you. Piper Anne"

  2. Love it! Kate was tickled to see this. She misses you and hopes you are having fun. Last night she said to me, after we'd explained about April Fools Day and she had tricked us many times throughout the day, "Mommy, April Fools is a silly day. Too bad Ms. Elly wasn't here. She likes silly things. I hope she had April Fools Day in Ireland."

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Megan says "I miss you Ms. Elly and I want you to come back soon because I love you!". Hope you're having a blast!